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Coaching for New Business Owners

Are you new in business? Great! How about 5 years in business? That's plenty "New" in these parts.

Not sure whether you're going to succeed? Not making a profit yet? Need some help? Statistically about half of businesses fail within 4 years of starting -- most due to not knowing how to market their services, or run the business end of their business.

Let's make sure you're not a statistic!

I'm here for you. You can be a solo-business owner, but you don't ever have to work on your business alone. Whether you have growing pains, growing your business is a pain, or your biggest business competition is having a life outside of your business, I'll give you a hand up.


Design Services

You can't even leave your house on your first sales call without a business card and a website, right? When you want to look like you've been around, and you're sticking around, stick with me!

Think of all the design services your new business needs: logo, business cards, website, brochures, flyers or sales sheets. But I'd be a bad business coach if I let you hit the pavement with too much, if it were all too expensive, or didn't look professional. Let's save you time and money while getting your initial sales materials correct the first time out! I'll combine your sales materials and coaching package together to ensure your success, often at far less than a website alone would cost you.

I'm not ashamed to say I'm re-working the content on my website, and combining web, business cards & new business coaching is so new I haven't finished setting the website up to reflect the new information yet.

Please contact us to discuss your needs so we can get moving as soon as possible, with a service customized to your specific needs.

Don't take my word for it...

You not only taught me a tremendous amount about marketing, but you also positively challenged my ideas and supported the growth of the BTE business model - far beyond the website itself.

After spending the past few years surrounded by "professionals" who had no clue what it means to dig deeper into an idea, it was refreshing to have someone with your talent and open-mindedness give me more to think about. I'm sure many business owners would love to hire someone who tells them how great they are and how much know they about [....], but I am not one of them. And I am quite sure that your (sometimes ego-bruising) feedback is what has made this project successful and worthwhile. I am approaching the hard work yet to come with a new brand of confidence. Thank you.
Erik Kemnitzer

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Why should you hire me?

It is my mission to provide new business services with honesty and integrity, to always be up-front about my expectations to my clients, employees and contractors, and to provide information about what I do whenever possible because it is insufficient to merely teach people how to fish -- it's absolutely necessary to teach people how to teach people how to fish.

In other words, it's my job to make sure you can get out of your own way, help you be as productive and successful as possible in all areas of your life, such that you can find and help your clients. I do this by helping you fulfill your own mission in your business and in your life. And when we are both successful, I lose you as a client and gain a terrific testimonial and you become a referral partner! A true Win-Win!

What do I do now?

To take the first step, you have to contact me -- or call or text at 845-820-0262. I'll help you figure out what to do from there.


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